Steven Battelle

Santa Barbara native Steven Battelle spends half of his time in California and half of his time in Bali, where he finds inspiration for his bold, elegant designs.

Hand carved bands in 18 and 22 karat yellow gold can be worn singly, alongside other rings, and as wedding bands.

A lover of gemstones, Steven Battelle bezel sets candy colored pink tourmalines, vibrant spessartite garnet cabochons, rose cut natural colored diamonds, and iridescent moonstones and opals in rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Ornate hand carvings and Etruscan style granulation emphasize the organic beauty of the gemstones and give high carat gold jewelry an Old World feel.

Also an avid coin collector, Steven Battelle has begun setting ancient Greek and Roman coins into 18 karat yellow gold and sterling silver rings and pendants. His ancient coin jewelry is unique not only in its simplicity, but because Battelle’s settings allow both the obverse and the reverse sides of the coins to be seen.