I brought a Koa Wood ring here, over the phone. I live in Michigan. They were very courteous, explained in detail the process and the exchange process even if need be. Very honest and straightforward. They shipped via next day air and I had my ring in my hand quick (since my size was in stock). They kept in email contact and updated me that the ring was in stock and when it shipped. They were very nice and professional.

-Garrett M., June 2013

We had a custom necklace made for my 80 year old mother that the whole family went in on. This meant, the WHOLE family had to put in their 2 cents about the design!! Diane was not only patient and accommodating, but found a creative way to incorporate all of our ideas and satisfy each of us (no small feat with 5 siblings and their mates!). The piece came out beautifully, was finished before the date we needed it by, and the presentation was gorgeous. Our mother was completely overwhelmed with emotion, she cried when she received it~ it was an amazing moment for us all. 33 Jewels is definitely our family jeweler!

-Samantha E., June 2013

I recently bought an engagement ring for my fiance and I was extremely impressed and pleased with the overall experience. I was very surprised to read some of the other reviews written, as they absolutely don’t reflect 33 Jewels. I live on the Central Coast and after visiting several jewelry stores, I was referred to 33 Jewels by a friend who bought an engagement ring there as well. From the second we walked into the store I liked it. I did not feel pressured at all. They had a great variety of stones. I was looking for an estate ring and they had many more choices than other retailers. On the first visit I found the right ring, however I wasn’t ready to make a decision. I was really pleased at how I didn’t feel pressured to buy it, instead, I received great follow up from 33 Jewels and several weeks later I returned to make my purchase. My fiance was extremely pleased with the ring and they have truly added to our wedding experience. After reading some of the other reviews written, I felt extremely compelled to share my experience as I simply don’t believe what others have written. This is an excellent store, and the staff was nothing but fantastic. I encourage anyone looking for great jewelry at a good value to visit this store and find out for yourself what they have to offer.

– Gabe D., May 2013

I really didnt know what to expect when I decided to start ring shopping for my significant other. I am no diamond specialist, and all I was going on was what my girlfriend considered for her dream ring. I had no idea how unusual her request was. Every jewelry store scoffed at my requests and considered it their responsibility to remedy my ignorance of diamond rings… This upset me, because I wanted to do what my fiancee wanted, not what a jewelry salesman thought was right…that all changed the minute I walked into 33 jewels . Diane treated my fiancee’s preferences with respect, and was excited to see if she could make it a reality! A few weeks later, I realized how much effort goes into ordering and making a custom ring. The process was long and stressful (from my perspective) but nothing made me feel better than knowing Diane was working hard to make the perfect ring. the day I was suppose to go home (michigan) to propose to my future wife, Diane surprised me by calling and letting me know that she had the ring done a week early so I could travel with it if I would like to pick it up! ( I was worried about mailing it) All in all, my Fiancee was Astonished to see her dream champagne diamond set in rose gold… and I couldnt have done it without the help of 33 jewels. looking for a unique ring and need a personal touch? Call 33 Jewels!!

-Guy K., April 2013

My future husband and I are getting both of our wedding bands at 33 jewels. Guy picked out my engagement ring with the amazing help of Diane and I could not be more happy. We now go to 33 jewels for gifts, new jewelry etc. The friendly demeanor of the store and the amazing assistance is not something you get often! I am so happy we found 33 jewels!

-Kembra M., April 2013

Recently bought an engagement ring from here and couldn’t be happier with it.  Diane worked with me on multiple occasions to design the ring, picked out a couple diamonds for me to choose from within my budget, and then got it sized.  Diane delivered a perfect ring in much less time than anticipated/promised.  Diane will tell you the truth which you dont always want to hear, but her honestly was very welcome with me.  I would highly recommend any man come here when getting an engagement ring…there’s no “beating around the bush” with Diane which I appreciated.  My good friend also had a similar experience and he is the one who recommended 33 Jewels to me.

-Zachary L., November 2012

My fiancé had a custom engagement ring made by 33 Jewels. The ring was beautiful, but sadly not my style. It was also too big, so I took it back to the store to have it sized. While I was there, Diane and I had a long conversation on the importance of being happy with my ring. She was able to work with her jeweler and trade out the custom ring for the style I dreamed about. She was so amazing and understanding, and gave us a reasonable estimate of time she thought it would take to receive the new ring. Diane was able to take a difficult situation and put both me and my fiancé at ease. The ring is more beautiful than I could ever imagine, and we are so happy with it. Diane was also able to cut out a lot of the cost. We can’t wait to order our wedding bands from 33 Jewels!

-Erin W., October 2012

I had the best experience here. Diane, the owner, let my husband (who was at the time my boyfriend) borrow an engagement ring so he could surprise me but let me pick out the ring I wanted. What a wonderful surprise! I actually had seen a ring online that I loved and couldn’t stop thinking about. It was $30,000. A little out of our budget! I showed the picture to Diane and she said that they could make the ring for a lot less. I got to pick out the diamond, which took a few days to find the right one. Then her jeweler made my ring. She told me it would take four months. But after three weeks, my fiance proposed…again! This time with the ring! It is so beautiful. I didn’t think it was possible to have a ring from online made, but they did it. We were so happy we went back there for our wedding bands, and we got a great returning customer discount. This is definitely “our” store!

-Mischa S., October 2012